Flying High

"You're upside down, twenty feet in the air, experiencing a moment of weightlessness. For an instant, time seems to stand still. You peer down at the faces far below you, reach out to touch the sky and think to yourself: so this is how it feels to fly.

Trampoline is one of the most exhilarating sports there is. From your very first day, you can experience the thrill of leaping higher than you ever have before. Then, as you build your strength and skill, you can challenge yourself to go higher and higher. The sky really is the limit.

Whether you already enjoy bouncing in your back garden or want a thrilling way to get fit, you'll find a lot to love about trampolining. With classes for adults, teens and children as young as five, getting started couldn't be easier. First you'll learn how to perform simple aerial tricks and maintain your rhythm. Then, as your skills and confidence grow, you'll build up to some incredible big-air stunts. If you want, you can even show off your stuff at one of the competitions for your age group. Of course, if you'd prefer to bounce just for fun and fitness, that's great too."

You can find out even more about Trampoline Gymnastics from British Gymnastics

Our club provides a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches to help you learn.

So, are you ready to become a trampoline gymnast at Harrogate Gymnastics Club?

Days and times

New to the programme, we will now be offering recreational trampolining sessions for those who want to give it a go!


7 - 10years 9 - 10am

7 - 10 years 10 -11am

11+ 11 - 12noon

5/6 years - 12 - 1pm


Squad Trampolining

The club only runs Squad sessions for trampolining.  Squad sessions run on various days and are by invitation only. Selection is through the recreational gymnastics/trampoline classes.


Recreational Trampoline classes cost £8.50 per hour, paid in advance of each 1/2 term.

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